PROGEA has been founded in 2000 as a University Spin-off, through the collaboration among University of Bologna, ARPA Emilia-Romagna, CAE Spa and ET&P Srl, under the guide of Prof. Ezio Todini.


Starting point of the company has been the know-how acquired since 1983 by ET&P Srl in the field of numerical modeling for real-time flood forecasting.


Today we are a private company whose capital is divided between CAE Spa and privates.


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PROGEA formation was driven by the goal of transferring results of scientific research into operational products and highly specialized technical services in the fields of hydrology, both surface and underground, river hydraulics, water resources management, meteorology and Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

We develop and apply numerical models for studying and forecasting environmental risk due to natural events, particularly those connected to hydro-meteorological phenomena, and it is specialized in the realization of Decisions Support Systems (DSS) for real time flood forecasting.
PROGEA offers to its customers an extremely flexible approach in the application of numerical modelling, using in-house developed models, commercial software or developing customized solutions.

The collaboration of PROGEA's specialists and our assistance and maintenance service during hydro-meteorological events allow our customers to concentrate on monitoring activities, while PROGEA takes care of systems management and numerical models functioning.

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