Meteorology is the discipline that studies the principal physical phenomena responsible of the atmospheric weather. The measurement and forecast of precipitations, temperature, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, etc. is the starting point of every mathematical model for forecast of the hydro-meteorological events.

The experience in the development and application of environmental numerical models has allowed PROGEA to develop tools and competences on acquisition, processing and organization of hydro-meteorological data coming from different sources such as ground-based gauge networks, meteorological RADAR, numerical weather forecasting models, satellite images, and more.

PROGEA's services are addressed to governmental agencies and private company that have the necessity to process and store environmental data and to deal with different data sources and file formats. Our services include:

  • Digitalizing and validation of hydro-meteorological data.
  • Real-time data acquisition and processing
  • Hydro-meteorological data processing and gap-filling
  • Evaluation of extreme hydro-meteorological events and estimate of events probability.
  • Interpolation of point data to create 2D maps using different techniquessuch as ISD method, Kriging and Block Kriging techniques, Barnes method, ect.
  • Building and maintenance of hydro-meteorological database.



Recently the use of the meteorological RADAR has strengthened scientists' ability of describing storms and precipitation fields. However, the use of RADAR precipitation estimates for hydrological applications is still matter of scientific research and the use of RADAR data for real-time flood forecasting is still a challenge.

In collaboration with University of Bologna, PROGEA has developed a software called RAINMUSIC, that opens new opportunity to the use of RADAR rainfall data in operative forecasting context. RAINMUSIC combines data provided by rain-gauge networks, ground-based weather RADAR and satellite estimates to produces precipitation maps that integrate both RADAR and gauges qualities. Maps can be produced in real-time and used as input to hydrological models.


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