RAINMUSIC is a software suite for processing meteorological data (rainfall and temperature). It interpolates point rainfall and temperature data from gauge networks using different techniques and it combines rainfall data provided by rain gauge networks, RADAR (ground based) and satellite. The data combination suite is based on Bayesian techniques and it provides rainfall maps containing the best spatial and quantitative estimate of the rainfall field.

RAINMUSIC can work as a stand-alone application or it can be integrated inside real-time flood forecasting systems, such as EFFORTS system.


Rainfall and temperature maps created by RAINMUSIC can be used as input to a variety of environmental models and they work particularly well in applications where spatial distribution of rainfall is important, such as in distributed hydrology.

Applications include all fields where it is necessary to interpolate time series of meteorological data, such as:


  •     Analysis of meteorological data
  •     Climatology
  •     Environmental modelling
  •     Catchment hydrology
  •     Flood forecasting
  •     Water resources management
  •     RADAR-meteorology
  •     Analysis of rainfall RADAR data

RAINMUSIC software was developed by PROGEA SRL and University of Bologna (Italy) in the framework of the EU funded project MUSIC (MUlti-Sensor Integration Calibration and flood forecasting. Contract no. EVK1-CT-2000-00058, http://www.geomin.unibo.it/hydro/music/).












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