Supply of European Flood Forecasting Operational Real Time System (EFFORTS) and multi-Purpose Reservoir Optimal Dynamic Management (PRODAM) software system and related services.


The project aimed at the implementation and customization of a real-time flood forecasting system on the Fuchun River catchment (about 31300 Km2) and at the optimization of water release from the Fuchun dam (drainage area 31300 Km2 total storage capacity 874000000 m3,), upstream of the town of HangZhou, PRC.


Real-time flood forecasting on the Tiber river (Italy)


PROGEA has realized the first real-time flood forecasting system for Tiber river in 1992 using the software EFFORTS. In 2005 the system was widened with the integration of distributed and physically based hydrologic model TOPKAPI. In 2010 the system was revised to include the most recent functionalities of the software EFFORTS and of the models TOPKAPI and PAB, for simulation of rainfall-runoff and flood routing.


Water resource management for the Como lake (Italy)


PROGEA collaborates since 1997 with the Consortium of Adda to the management of water release from the lake of Como. The Decision Support System PRODAM has been revised many times though the years. It is a reference point for technicians of the Consortium. In 2010 PRODAM DSS was integrated with EFFORTS flood forecasting system to allow real-time flood forecasts in the Adda river basin, which is the main tributary of Como lake.


Drought forecasting: the projects PEDRO and PEDRITO (Italy)


PROGEA collaborates with ARPA-SIMC Emilia Romagna to the realization of a system for the forecast of droughts in the Po river basin and in the catchments of Emilia-Romagna region. Inside the system that has been realized by ARPA, hydrologic model TOPKAPI is used to simulate rainfall-runoff and hydrologic behavior of the catchment at daily time scale. TOPKAPI not only provides estimates of rivers flow, but it also provides information on water percolation to groundwater.


The "Hydro" control room of Emilia Romagna Civil Protection Agency (S.I.R.E.M.)


In the 2003 PROGEA has realized the software S.I.R.E.M .for the Civil Protection Agency of Emilia Romagna Region. The software is used to monitor hydro-meteorological data and manage hydro-meteorological alarms in Emilia Romagna Region. The collaboration between technicians from Civil Protection and PROGEA's staff culminated in the setting up of the "Hydro" control room at headquarters of regional Civil Protection Agency in Bologna.

Hydrologic and hydraulics models developed by PROGEA with the software TOPKAPI and the systems EFFORTS and SIREM are completely integrated in the Client –Server structure of Emilia Romagna Region's network.

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