From more than 20 years PROGEA has been working in Italy and in foreign countries. Some realizations:


Management of flood forecasting systems in Emilia Romagna

For the two-year period 2020-2021 PROGEA carries out the assistance service, corrective and evolutionary maintenance of the SIREM and EFFORTS real-time systems on all the areas of competence of the Emilia Romagna region (Reno, Romagnoli basins, Po, Chiavenna-Arda-Nure, Enza -Crostolo, Panaro, Parma, Secchia, Taro, Tidone, Trebbia). The work carried out for ARPAE to support the activities of the Regional Functional Center and the Civil Protection operations rooms.


The PO project (Italy)


In 2017 and subsequently in 2020-2021 PROGEA realizes the updating and the recalibration on all the basins and on the main course of Po River of the TOPKAPI-SOBEK modeling chain for the Interregional Agency for the Po River - AIPo. The project realized by PROGEA in 2007, in collaboration with ARPAE-SIMC Emilia Romagna, is a part of a AIPo's multi-model flood forecasting system in which the hydrological model TOPKAPI simulates rainfall-runoff in the tributary rivers of Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna, while the SOBEK model performs the flood routing of the main course and the valley areas of the tributaries.





The monitoring system and flood forecasting on the basins and dams of Sardinia


In 2017, in collaboration and on behalf of the Decentrated Functional Center of Sardinia at the Regional Civil Protection, PROGEA has implemented an integrated system for monitoring the hydro-weather data from multiple acquisition networks and flood pre-alerting on the set of hydraulic sections throughout the region. 

The system includes the implementation of procedures for the probabilistic assessment of flood scenarios on main dams, aimed at the operational management of drainage settings for relevant events.


Project for the Umbria Region on the upper and central Tiber River Basin


Since 2015, PROGEA has started a new project on the Tiber basin for the detailing of forecast on Umbria Region territory.

In this project a real-time system has been developed which, in addition to the management of the main forecasting chain consisting of models made with TOPKAPI and HEC-RAS software, integrates the implementation of other both hydrological and hydraulic models made with various software like HEC-HMS and Mike.




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