03/07/2013 - TOPKAPI Modeling Suite version 2.0 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 2.0 of TOPKAPI Modeling Suite.
Release 2.0 includes new functionalities and general improvements to overall stability of the GIS Visual Interface.
A new tool called TPKMaps has been added to the GIS plug-in so that now you can use MapWindow GIS to display 2D maps of the catchment with hydrologic information from TOPKAPI model, like soil moisture, river flow, snow accumulation, evapo-transpiration rate, ect.
Trial Version of Release 2.0 is available.
As usual, students can get a fully functional version of the model free of charge.


28/06/2013 - New Tutorial Videos for TOPKAPI

The new page Tutorials contains tutorial videos on how to implement TOPKAPI hydrological model on a catchment.


20/11/2012 - A new LinkedIn page for PROGEA

PROGEA has a new LinkedIn page.

See our page and follow us at:


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