PROGEA offers consulting services and assistance for design and realization of wind farms.Thanks to the collaboration with ARPA Emilia-Romagna, CAE Spa and University of Bologna, PROGEA can count on the availability of large amount of meteorological data at national scale, on numerical models for the elaboration of wind data and on a high-level scientific expertise.



Preliminary analysis of the wind energy production site

  • Feasibility studies of the site and verification of environmental binds existence.
  • Analysis of average wind intensity through data provided by LAMI numerical model (Limited Area Model Italy), developed from ARPA-SIM and UGM (Military Aeronautics), and by Lokal Model (LM) of Deutscher Wetterdienst(German Meteorological Service).
  • Analysis of the wind field at small scale through the 3D mass-consistent diagnostic model CALMET (definition < 100 ms).
  • Collection and analysis of available local historical wind data from ARPA-ER database.
  • Field measurements campaign and monitoring of local wind intensity.

Analisys of potential energy production


  • Selection of the turbine size on the basis of wind field characteristics of the site.
  • Computation of AEO (Annual Energy Output).
  • Computation of the exploitation factor of the plant.
  • Computation of granted production (P50 and P90)

Evaluation of Environmental Impact


  • MIT maps and MVPO maps.

  • Photographic reconstruction of landscape impact.

  • Noise impact and compliance to ISO 9613 standards.
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