What's new in TOPKAPI v.3.0:


  • Added a new GIS panel in TPKView, useful to visualize the simulation results in an easy way.
  • Zoom tool on the charts has been improved.
  • Add a tool in the PRETPK plugin menu to convert a shape file to a raster file.
  • Add a tool in the PRETPK plugin menu to edit a raster layer.
  • Possibility to compute cumulated rainfall maps and visualize them as a layer in the new GIS panel.


What's new in TOPKAPI v.2.5:


  • The user can choose between 4 or 8 directions to create the river network of the model.
  • Possibility to run many simulations simultaneously.
  • Added the alarm thresholds panel settable for each station.
  • Elevation limit for application of parabolic routing settable in panel Width of the visual interface.
  • Added the possibility to choose the coloring theme of the visual interface.
  • Management of the discharge input data columns has been increased up to a total of 250.
  • Snow routine was modified in order to manage different albedo values depending on land use of the cell.


What's new in TOPKAPI v.2.4:


  • Missing pixels in DEM map are now filled in automatically.
  • LookUp tables can now contain up to 20'000 rows.
  • Strahler orders table now contains 10 orders automatically.
  • The total number of TOPKAPI output points was increased to 200.
  • A control was added to differential equation solution in soil component to reduce instability.
  • Improved input data management for reservoirs data.


What's new in TOPKAPI v.2.3:

  • A new tool was added to PROGEA plug-in, it's called "Edit Raster". It allows you to modify raster layers inside any MapWindowGIS project.
  • A new tool was added to TPKView to compute simulation's indexes like Nash, R, etc. The tool is called "Calculate Simulation Indexes".
  • I.TOPKAPI and TPKView are now available in Chinese!


A 60-days TRIAL Version is available. REGISTER or use the following LINK to request a trial version of TOPKAPI.


Students can get a fully functional version free of charge.



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